Finland’s Largest Newspaper Trolls Trump For Attacking Free Press, This Is Brilliant

This is the BEST.

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With all the news of Trump talking about Finland again, it’s easy to forget the scandalous weekend on which the Presidents of the United States and the Scandinavian nation met — One Trump was highly looking forward to because his best pal Vladimir Putin would be there.

Kaius Niemi, the editor of Finland’s biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, had a very special message for both Donald Trump and his best pal Vladimir Putin — but mostly Trump. In fact, he figured what his paper had to say was so important that they installed 280 billboards throughout the nation’s capital, all along the route that the two leaders took from the airport to the summit, all adorned with headlines reflecting Finland’s commitment to the very concept of the free press.

Freedom of the press seems to be Trump’s least favorite part of the First Amendment, with his constant calling factual reporting “fake news” and his refusal to take questions from respected news institutions based on his belief that only reporting that reflects positive things about him is worthy of addressing.

That’s legitimately worrying for anyone concerned with an informed nation.

Of course, many of the billboards were in English for the benefit of Trump, who is averse to people even speaking other languages near him:

But some were in Russian as well, so that Putin didn’t feel left out:

Niemi also linked to a video that tied the efforts all together, and it is spectacular:

It would be fabulous if the American press would step up their efforts to answer the President’s and his staff’s constant insults by refusing to cover his rallies, press conferences, and every little jab he makes, but that seems unlikely in an atmosphere where knowing what the enemy is up to is of paramount importance.

Congratulations to Finland and to their incredible devotion to the free press! Let’s hope the two despots take a lesson while they’re visiting.

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