Ex-Prosecutor Reveals What’s In Store For Trump In 2019, POTUS Going Down

It's going to be a rough 2019 for Donald Trump.

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The Robert Mueller investigation is powering forward, and a former prosecutor is predicting that there will be more indictments in 2019.

Former federal prosecutor Maya Wiley went on to MSNBC with anchor Kristin Welker. Welker notes: “We turn now to the Russia investigation, a story that will undoubtedly continue to dominate headlines this year.”

Welker was referencing a recent analysis from MSNBC contributor Daniel Goldman, who was also a former federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York. Goldman argued that there is an overarching conspiracy designed to provide sanctions relief to Russia in return for personal business or assistance in Trump’s campaign.

Knowing what we know — and if you can read between the tea leaves — where is this investigation heading? And how expansive is it right now?”

Goldman is beginning to believe that the conspiracy with Russian election interference is not the most heinous crime that Mueller is currently investigating. This may be why the Mueller team has restrained itself from showing its full hand, ensuring that they cover Trump’s tax return and foreign business records, as well as closely analyze past transactions, before going public with conclusions. It is reported that the Mueller investigation will officially wrap up sometime in February 2019.

Wiley suggested that we look over what has been revealed in federal court filings to understand the current state of the investigation. Wiley explains:

What we have seen in 2018 essentially is a roller coaster of indictments, of pleas, of finding out that there were backdoor deals — for instance with Paul Manafort saying he was going to be cooperating and then not and sharing information with the White House.”

Wiley concludes: “This is an investigation that I think is going to be rolling, but we are going to get a lot more information and we are going to see more indictments in 2019”.

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