Even Fox News Is Disgusted With Trump, Panel Shreds His Response To Puerto Rico

Fox News host goes rogue.

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It is being reported that more than 3000 Puerto Ricans have died due to Hurricane Maria. Donald Trump, however, thinks that these numbers are fake and inflated by the Democrats to make him look bad. His tweets are not backed by evidence, and many are not taking his claims lightly, with many political figures lambasting his claims.

Fox News has been a vocal cheerleader of Trump even before his presidency, propping up the president and spinning his half-truths and lies to make it more palatable to their base. Sometimes some Fox News reporters go rogue in the name of facts and bipartisanship, with the news network recently criticizing Trump.

On Thursday, Fox News’ Outnumbered panel slammed Trump for his conspiratorial tweets about how many people died in Puerto Rico. Fox co-host Melissa Francis blasted the president’s tweets as “distasteful.” She continued: “To take up on the issue of how many people are dead is so disgusting.” Harris Faulkner joined, saying that it “cheapens us as a country.”

Steve Hilton then went on a moderate tip, saying that he agreed that Trump isn’t helping, but that the politicization of Puerto Rico started when San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz accused the Trump Administration of inaction. Most, however, considered that a fair assessment.

The Trump administration and FEMA have failed Puerto Rico, with a recent report detailing that there are more than 20,000 water bottle pallets just sitting in an airport, due to FEMA’s poor communication. Katie Pavlich then tried to rally her co-hosts and ensure that they remain consistent with their pro-Trump stance by accusing Puerto Rico of being unprepared. She lamented the uproar as a “distraction” when the country could learn from the mistakes of Maria to better prepare itself for incoming Hurricane Florence.

Leslie Marshall added that Trump wanted to turn the situation into some sort of political victory, adding that hurricane relief is not something to politicize.

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