Elementary Students Brutally Mock Trump After He Stumbles Into Their Classroom

Never forget how smart kids are.

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While the majority of Americans knew that Donald Trump in the White House was trouble from the start, there were still droves of misguided people who voted for him. Perhaps they were simply gullible and his bigotry and white supremacist messages spoke to them. Or perhaps they didn’t want to believe that he really was that bad.

Fast-forward two years later, Trump is in the White House and he is far worse than we ever could have imagined. Most Trump voters are now ashamed of themselves or have abandoned the Republican Party. If only Americans had listened to the country’s younger generations, this all could have been avoided.

Young people overwhelmingly voted against Trump despite how hard he tried to win them over. Even America’s youngest kids could sense his creepiness right from the start. A perfect example of this is what happened when Trump visited the International Christian Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016. It was a moment that was fortunately caught on camera.

As soon as Trump walked into the room, he disturbed the calm. When the children’s teacher exclaimed, “Look who’s here, Mr. Trump,” reactions were mixed, to say the least. One child couldn’t help but make a comment about his “orange” hair. Another child — a kid after our own hearts — couldn’t help but keep repeating, “I’m nervous. I’m nervous” (so are we, kid). Other kids completely ignored him and wouldn’t even turn around to acknowledge his presence. For an egomaniac like Trump, that’s just about the biggest insult you could give him.

Trump’s visit was nothing short of awkward, proving that he can only appeal to older, less progressive crowds. You can watch these kids mock Trump in the footage below — you’ll fully appreciate the fact that they have NO filter:

And if you’re not convinced that children have flawless instincts when it comes to horrible people, check out what happened when Trump visited Little Miss Flint — a young activist in Flint, Michigan. She looked absolutely terrified when he was standing next to her!

Adults tend to get swept up in policy, morality, and campaign drama. But there’s something to be said for gut instincts. America’s youth were right, and we should have been paying attention.

Featured image via screen capture

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