Don Jr. Went Into Hiding Just Before Possible Indictment As Mueller Closes In

You can run but you can't hide.

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Honestly, the nearly two years of waiting for some kind of bombshell activity — not just headline — in the Robert Mueller probe has seemed more like nearly ten years. That could be an effect of “Trump time,” where each minute feels like an hour and every hour a day. Or it could, in fact, be an overload of activity of other sorts: It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on with one outrage of the Trump administration when there are outrages stacked upon one another in an outrage-flavored, Dagwood-style sandwich of outrages.

Think of it. It was only eight weeks after the election — not even the beginning of his term — when he announced he would be making major policy announcements via social media and already asking taxpayers, rather than Mexico, to pay for his border wall. It was only the end of January by the time he’d fired Sally Yates from the Department of Justice over the Muslim ban he insisted wasn’t a Muslim ban (even though that week Rudy Giuliani told the media Trump had called him asking how to do a “Muslim ban” legally).

WHEW. That’s a lot, and it’s not even February 2017 yet.

That’s why I don’t hold it against anyone if their spirit is a little overtaxed and they’re skeptical of new developments in the Mueller probe. If the last two years have taught Americans any lesson at all, it’s that with a big enough measure of incompetence, nothing means anything at all anymore.

But some things are real, and for some people, pardon the expression, shit’s about to get very real.

Donald Trump Junior was almost entirely overlooked at the beginning of the Trump presidency. We almost assumed Ivanka was going to get a singing role in Trump: The Musical, but by the time Mueller came into the picture, the most we really knew about young DJTJ was that he was heading up the Lexcorp-like Trump Organization.

We know a heck of a lot more now, and so does the President’s eldest child and namesake. That’s why, at a holiday party at the beginning of the month at the St. Regis Hotel — a mere five blocks from the White House — a gathering of partygoers that included Trump’s daughter, his press secretary, and even The Mooch™ was abuzz with what was going to happen to Don Junior.

And Junior himself? He very conspicuously left for Canada on a “hunting trip” before the end of that week. I’m not sure if there are any safari animals in Ontario, but at least he can perhaps avoid looking like a mounted gazelle when his indictment is announced.

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