Don Jr. Goes On Epic Rant On Twitter During Cohen Testimony, Tries His Best To Deflect Blame From His Daddy

This is what you call a swing and a miss.

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Donald Trump Jr. has been watching his father’s longtime personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee Wednesday and he should be worried. After all, the checks which were given to Cohen to reimburse him for hush money payments to Stormy Daniels are signed by Donald Trump Jr. and Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg. Cohen came with the receipts so Junior is panic-tweeting. The Trumps are good at projection but in this instance, Junior is way too obvious as he accuses Cohen of seeking fame and wanting “his own TV show.”

It’s almost as if you can switch the name Donald Trump, Mr. Apprentice himself, with Cohen’s name in his tweet.

Cohen is going to prison so it’s doubtful that he’s seeking fame. Back to reality: Here are images of the hush money payments with one of them drawn from Trump’s personal account.

Attorneys quickly weighed in on the severity of these checks,

Rep. Ted Lieu weighed in, too.

It was Donald Trump who always sought fame and attention. He thrives on adoration from his base. That’s who Donald J. Trump is as a person. As for Junior, he’s trying to please his father, possibly over unrequited love. It’s curious as to why Don Jr. has failed to deny signing that check, but instead, he’s manically tweeting. Projection, it’s a Trump thing. The sh*t is hitting the fan and for some reason, Junior has chosen to plug the fan in while turning the switch on.

Featured image via US National News’s gallery

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