Congressman Claims Trump Prints And Signs Tweets He Likes, Mails Them To The Author

I'm starting to think there's something wrong with this guy.

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Donald Trump never stops feeding his vacuous ego and that’s something that he displays daily on Twitter and during interviews with the press, and once again the former reality show star’s conceit is paraded out for the world to see. GOP Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz — a Trump sycophant — told Politico that Trump had liked one of his tweets, so the “president” printed out a copy of it then added his signature complete with a Sharpie, then he mailed it to Gaetz’s Congressional office in Washington, DC.

While Trump lashes out at his critics, he rewards those who praise him. Of course, we know that loyalty isn’t a two-way street for Trump which explains the voluminous amounts of employment turnover from his administration.

Gaetz reportedly had the signed copy framed and it now hangs on the wall. It’s like Gaetz wants everyone to know; He likes me! He really, really likes me!

Gaetz said, “This is the proverbial Trump gift basket waiting for you in your suite or sent to you.”

Wow, that’s so great. After betraying the country, he’s rewarded with a signature.

Trump is fed articles by his aides, according to Politico. This allows Trump to monitor the coverage of his administration, then he goes on to reward allies and rebuke critics by adding personal notes to the articles.

Trump’s ego knows no bounds, but it’s also used to manipulate him:

It’s also a system that gives aides and would-be influencers ample opportunity to flatter, manipulate and steer him — and various attempts to exert firm control over the president’s print inputs have failed, according to nearly a dozen current and former officials interviewed for this article.”

“In the Wild, Wild West” era, a current senior White House official told Politico, “people would put articles on the president’s desk that were things he didn’t need to see, things that were meant to gin him up or get him mad at somebody.”

“That’s how people stabbed you in the back! They would just walk up to him and say, ‘Hey, Mr. President, did you see this story in POLITICO? Here’s a copy of it,'” a former senior White House official told the outlet. “When somebody prints something off to hand to him, good or bad, that’s when you knew somebody was out for you. ‘Hey, how come there’s a copy here of a story from Breitbart?'”

Just before dawn each day, Trump focuses on four daily newspapers — the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post — which are delivered daily to the White House residence. Trump is consumed by what is said about him, and that’s likely why he shows so much anger on Twitter. He is, after all, the least popular president in history.

“He’s not a fan of The New York Times or The Washington Post but he never misses a day reading them,” a person close to the White House told the paper. “And if he doesn’t read them that day, he’ll put them in a box and read them a few days later.”

Last year, Rich Lowry tweeted out an image of Trump’s note to him that included his signature. Apparently, Trump only read the headline and not the article.

Trump obsessively reads coverage of him.

“He would literally sit on Air Force One for, like, 12 hours and go through stacks of newspapers,” one former senior administration official said. “It was amazing how religious he was about his newspapers.”

Trump, who is known to be computer-illiterate, has the staff secretary’s office print out the Drudge Report every day to show the “president,” according to a former White House official.

Just as Trump is known to not fire officials to their face, he doesn’t compliment those who flatter him to their faces, either.

“The only way he could ever compliment people was to sign a newspaper article, ‘Great job.’ He’d never compliment you to your face,” one former senior administration official told Politico.

We’re not sure how Melania physically fits in the White House since it’s overcrowded by Trump and his massive ego.

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