Congressional Staffers Destroyed Trump In Huge Group Text Over His Pathetic Shutdown

They made him look like a complete moron.

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Donald Trump is getting ripped apart for so many things right now, it’s honestly hard to keep track. After several days of being blasted for his decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria and yet more changes in his administration members, Trump is now under fire for causing a government shutdown over the funding of his precious border wall. The hilarious thing is, everyone thinks this is so extremely stupid — even Congressional staffers.

It was recently announced by CNN that Congressional staffers actually have a group chat where they’re tearing the president apart for what they’re calling the “dumbest” shut down in history (who can blame them?). After Trump refused to sign off on the budget because no one wants to fund or support his border wall, the president threw a fit and shut things down — and now he’s getting his a*s handed to him.

In a segment, CNN host Don Lemon pointed out that this makes the third government shutdown in a year even though the GOP has control of everything and this solely rests on them. Lemon said:

What gives here, for two years they had the White House, the Senate, and the Congress.”

CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly revealed this:

I’m on a text chain with Congressional staffers where the actual question today is– where does this rank in the history of the dumbest shutdown? There is often an understanding with both parties that shutdowns are a bad idea and don’t make a lot of sense.”

Mattingly also stated that the “biggest reason” for the shutdown was because there was “uncertainty” about where Trump stands. You can watch the segment below:

Trump is going to flip out when he finds out that he’s been looked down upon by everyone — even his colleagues and staffers.

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