CNN Reports America’s National Debt Since Trump’s Presidency, The Results Are Devastating

I wonder what Trump voters have to say about this!

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America has just been given yet another confirmation that Donald Trump is ruining the country as the Republican Party does nothing but turn the other way. While the president continues to spread lies and brag about all the “winning” he’s doing, some numbers and figures have just been presented that are giving Trump supporters a very harsh reality check.

CNN has recently reported that according to figures released by the Trump administration’s Treasury Department, the U.S. National Debt is now at a record high — $21.9 trillion! This is yet another epic failure for the Republican Party, who once considered the national debt to be one of the biggest, most important issues for the country. Now thanks to Trump and the GOP flying by the seat of their pants, things have gotten out of control.

This morning, CNN’s Christine Romans filed a report on New Day that stated that the record debt was partially due to the fact that there was less money coming in. In response to these new shocking numbers, Chairman of the White House’s council of economic advisers Kevin Hassett said Trump reacted to the new numbers and has “ordered the cabinet agencies to cut their spending by 5% almost across the board so he is beginning to focus on spending.” Hassett said:

We can disagree about a lot of things but we can agree maybe now is the time to get serious about the deficit.”

Nice of Trump to notice. Let’s not forget that when he was a candidate, The Donald promised America he could “get rid of” national debt “over a period of eight years.” Trump’s supporters will be extremely heartbroken to know that this was just another one of the president’s lies and broken campaign promises.

You can watch the report below:

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