CNN Panel Owns Trump Defender Who Insists That Mexico Will Pay For The Wall, Laugh In His Face

This is funny, but sad.

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Donald Trump’s border wall is just one of his several broken promises. The completion of this wall is almost a logistical impossibility. Even if Trump had the green light and proper funding for his border wall — which he has not — then it would take about a year to survey the landscape and design the wall. Then that would spark a land bidding process and a series of hydrological and environmental studies. Once all of the preliminary parts are completed, then the construction of the wall would commence, which will take about an additional five to 10 years to complete and more than $40 billion in taxpayers’ money.

It would also be a wall riddled with holes, since this wall won’t be able to cover the extreme topography of the border, including canyons, rivers, and waterways. In desperation, some Trump supporters have gone to GoFundMe to attempt to crowdfund the wall, with the head of the GoFundMe account being a known scammer. Some of these supporters, may also have a difficult time with remedial math.

On CNN, Steve Cortes, former head of Hispanics for Trump, was put in his place by Symone Sanders, who countered his claims that Americans were for the wall. Polls disagree with Cortes’ assessment. Sanders also pointed out how Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. He has now revised that approach, with Trump suggesting that Mexico will pay the United States back for the wall. CNN host Erin Burnett explains:

He was also very clear he said Mexico would pay for the wall. We know from Mexican presidents current and past they will not pay for that wall. You can’t do funny math and move money around in the government to get Mexico to pay for the wall and the most recent polling, whether you like it or not, says we don’t want the wall.”


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