CNN Panel Brilliantly Smacks Down Donald Trump Jr. After He Says Dad Fixed Obama’s Mistakes

This is very satisfying.

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Donald Trump Junior is almost as famous as his father, and for all the wrong reasons. He’s just as unschooled in the nuances of government, he’s just as notoriously bad toward women, and he’s just as dangerously deluded about his own importance in the cosmos.

But in the larger sense, Don is almost worse than his dad because he makes the idiotic things that his father says and does seem slightly less so, simply by virtue of being younger, more tech-savvy, and dare I say it, better looking than his dad ever was.

Imagine you’re an old coot in a nursing home who insists that aliens talk to you through your shoes — nobody would listen to you. But get yourself a Donald Trump Junior to step out on stage and tell an audience that when the aliens ring, he screens your calls for you and only connects you to galactic overlords and people might take you a little bit more seriously.

That’s exactly the case with President Trump, and not just with Don Junior. Trump retweets anyone who has a flattering quote about him, because he wants to talk that way about himself, but can’t do it non-stop, lest he look like a preening moron.

When Donald Trump tweets that the economy is great because of him, he has to retweet the words of his sycophants on television and radio, because he can’t quite explain how he made anything better himself. So when his namesake made it into Breitbart News by touting his father’s “accomplishments,” the President couldn’t help but tweet about it (at 10:30 pm his time):

When Trump himself makes that claim, the world rightly laughs. So he figures that perhaps amplifying his son saying it will make more people believe the message. Unfortunately, it’s hilariously false on its face. And CNN, who Junior loves to tweet snide remarks about just like his dad, tore the two up for their ridiculous claim. Host John King:

Donald Trump Jr. said how dare Barack Obama to try to take any credit for the economy. Simple math. There have been 95 consecutive months of job growth. Donald Trump has been president for 19 months. The recovery started under Barack Obama. It has gained steam with tax cuts and deregulation, the president can claim all the credit he wants for that, but simple math there.”

Watch the clip here:

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