CNN Host Brilliantly Shut Down Kellyanne Conway After She Tried To Blame Democrats For Children Dying At Border

Kellyanne looked just as bad as her boss.

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It’s getting harder and harder to imagine what life must be like inside the home of Kellyanne and George Conway as the Trump presidency stretches into 2019. It was the middle of last year when we found out that the married couple differs on the policies and statements of Kellyanne’s boss, with the senior adviser to the President of course publicly supporting everything Trump says and her husband publicly tweeting his disagreement.

One has to wonder how heavily potential responses from her husband weigh on Mrs. Conway when she makes media appearances now — is she thinking about what he might say when she gets home? Are all the lies she tells on behalf of this President worth her marriage if George is beginning to see her as nothing more than a Trumper?

Maybe that’s what was on her mind when she appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with host Dana Bash. Dana wanted to interview the President’s adviser because of the tweet he sent out at the end of 2018 — considered by many to be the most offensive tweet he’s ever sent — in which he made his first public comments on the deaths of two migrant children while in Border Patrol custody. Trump placed the blame for the deaths squarely on Democrats and even the father of one of the deceased kids:

Repeatedly, Kellyanne refused to address the fact that Trump was blaming Democrats for the deaths of children who wouldn’t have been in CPB custody under Democratic policy, referring time and again to the “perilous journey” talking point that Republicans have been rehearsing this week. She falsely accused the Democrats of using the children as political pawns, and when Bash asked her, “isn’t that exactly what the President just did,” Kellyanne nearly snapped.

The fact is, illegal immigration is at historical lows, and at least half of those who are in the United States illegally are those who have overstayed their visas and not returned to their home country — not border-crossing asylum seekers.

Watch the exchange here:

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