Bob Mueller’s Office Has Filed Paperwork To Take Over Property Belonging To Trump

No more baby steps.

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With news that Team Mueller is on the cusp of releasing details of the investigation, although not until after the midterms, so as not to appear to be attempting to interfere, recaps are everywhere of what the team has been up to. But the most recent development is possibly one of the biggest.

Less than a month ago, Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team of prosecutors filed new paperwork in federal court lodging their hold on convicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s homes and properties.

The document listed both his home in the Hamptons and, perhaps worryingly for Donald Trump himself, Manafort’s condo inside Trump Tower in Manhattan. That was the location of the FBI raid that produced evidence that bolstered the breadth and scope of the charges that were brought against the former pro-Russian lobbyist who laundered millions through shady accounts unrepentantly for years.

The action also means that for an unspecified period of time, Robert Mueller will control part of Donald Trump’s building, a space that could potentially be used for government action including warranted surveillance or data analysis — a move that could make Trump just nervous enough to crack.

The seizures are part of “the broader forfeiture” in Manafort’s plea deal, according to NPR’s Carrie Johnson, which includes a third home in New York and one in Virginia, as well as four bank accounts and a large life insurance policy.

According to the filing, Mueller intends to take control of the Hamptons home and the Trump Tower condo on or just after October 20th, 2018 — a mere two weeks from now.

The total of the forfeiture Manafort has been ordered to pay is nearly $50 million.

It could be that Donald Trump has forgotten, and on a day as dark as one where we learn that there are largely no honorable Republicans left in Washington D.C., perhaps it would do well for us to remember as well — as we speak, Paul Manafort is likely providing evidence against Trump, his campaign, and the Trump Organization as part of the plea deal he entered into with Mueller in September.

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