As Hurricane Dorian Approaches, Trump Goes On Twitter To Congratulate Sean Hannity For Having Number One “Shoe”

Stable genius says what?

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While “President” Donald Trump is obsessing about Fox News, Hurricane Dorian, a Category 4 with 145 mph winds is set to make landfall in the United States. Earlier projections had Dorian hitting Florida head-on as early as Monday; areas along the East Coast are bracing for a storm surge, heavy rain and dangerous, gusty winds, according to ABC. Any president’s main concern would be about the potentially devastating hurricane about to grip several states, but Trump seems focused on Fox News again this morning.

The alleged U.S. leader has thrown hissy fits recently over the network’s unfavorable coverage of his chaotic “presidency” and his poll numbers reflect that. To deflect from Fox News’s unfavorable poll numbers, Trump gave a shoutout to one of his sycophants at the network while calling himself “your favorite president.” Also, President Stable Genius misspelled “show.”

“Has anyone noticed that the top shows on @foxnews and cable ratings are those that are Fair (or great) to your favorite President, me!” Trump tweeted. “Congratulations to @seanhannity for being the number one shoe on Cable Television!”

Let’s just say that Trump’s ridiculous tweet did not go over well on Twitter.


Can we FINALLY admit that giving the keys to the White House to a former reality show star with zero political experience was a massive mistake, please? Asking for a country…

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