Americans Were Polled About Trump’s Chances With Mueller, POTUS Will Lose It

It's not looking good for Trump.

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Robert Mueller’s special counsel is barreling forward. They’ve secured the conviction of Paul Manafort, they’ve indicted a dozen Russian intelligence officers, and they’ve gotten guilty pleas out of Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopoulos. A recent survey by CNN has shown that many Americans think that the Mueller investigation is close to ensnaring Donald Trump.

According to a CNN poll released on Tuesday, half of Americans believe that the Mueller investigation will personally implicate Trump in wrongdoing.

Respondents’ answers were divided along partisan lines — but it’s worth noting that 23 percent of Republicans that were surveyed said they thought the special counsel would personally implicate Trump, versus 47 percent of independents. Among Democrats, 78 percent believe that Trump will be ultimately implicated. Most of the individuals surveyed also consider the investigation a severe matter, while 35 percent think that the investigation is an attempt by a disgruntled individual who wants to discredit Trump.

This survey comes on the heels of a recent court filing from Mueller, revealing new details about his case against Cohen and Manafort. The filings allege that Trump personally directed Cohen to make discrete payments to silence a pair of women regarding an alleged affair they had with Trump before his presidency. These payments were determined early this year to have constituted campaign-finance violations. Manafort lied to prosecutors about his contacts in the White House, which was a violation of his plea agreement.

Not one to not take things personally, Trump took to Twitter to respond to these allegations (like a crazy person).

The CNN poll also shows that Trump’s approval rating when it comes to handling the investigation has dropped to 29 percent, matching a low previously hit back in June. About 54 percent of Americans believe that most of the things Trump has said publicly about the investigation are false. Trump’s overall approval rating sits at 39 percent — roughly his average throughout his presidency.

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